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Working Hard to Hold Area?

The Pro-Crimper is a straw crimper used in conjuction with the Pro-Chopper to help anchor the straw or hay mulch to the ground in areas where erosion control is an issue.

The Pro-Crimper will save you valuable time and money putting cash in your pocket! Erosion control is a big factor at any job site, and resowing of seed during a project results in the loss of valuable labor hours. With the Pro-Crimper mulch crimper, you don’t have to worry about water or wind destroying your mulching and seeding efforts.

Working hard to hold area? In those areas that are more likely to wash or erode, such as a hillside or grassed waterway, you can use the Pro-Crimper to anchor your straw or hay mulch to the ground. The Pro-Crimper will eliminate the need for asphalt emulsion or other expensive adhesives and insure that your project is less likely to erode.

The Pro-Crimper is available in either 6 foot or 8 foot sizes, and is also available in a three point hitch version or a pull type. All units have everything you need to take them right to work!

Surveys of home buyers show that they consider a green lot to be significantly more valuable than a brown lot. Further research has proven that mulch will stay in place longer and substantially more seed germination will occur when the covered area is properly crimped.

Pro-Crimper Specifications:

  • 6′ (900 pounds) and 8′ (940 pounds) models are both available

  • 3 point hitch model has a shipping weight of 1080 pounds

  • Pull type model has a shipping weight of 1780 pounds

  • 3″ x 3″ tubular steel frame

  • 3/16″ x 22″ coulter blades

  • 1 1/2″ high tensile axle shaft

  • Ball bearing pillow blocks

  • Built-in ballast boxes

  • Comes with tires, wheels, hydraulic cylinder, hoses (pull type model), a slow moving vehicle sign and reflectors for the front and rear

  • 9 blades (6′ model) or 12 blades (8′ model) – 8″ spacing between blades

  • Built to State specifications for equipment of this type

  • Will satisfy the requirement for “mechanical stabilization”

  • 3 point hitch model is ready for use immediately after removal from shipping pallet

  • Pull type model has a 15 minute assembly time before first use

Pro Crimper Image.jpg
Pro Crimper 3 Point Hitch.jpg
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