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Never Shake Straw by Hand Again

The Pro-Chopper is a straw blower that will not only chop and blow a bale of hay per minute, but it will also allow you to apply grass seed while uniformly distributing mulch. Because of this innovative piece of farm equipment, you can complete your job in half the time while using 1/3 less straw that you would use without it. The Pro-Chopper doesn’t even need a trailer since it fits conveniently in the bed of a truck. Its 33-foot hose ensures that your straw is applied where you want it. The Pro-Chopper works hand-in-hand with the Pro-Crimper!

The soil of any project must be protected from wind and water to prevent erosion. The old method of shaking straw by hand is time consuming, and other straw blowers just don’t perform up to the standards that you expect. Since the Pro-Chopper can fit in the bed of the truck, you don’t have to pull a trailer accross the terrain you’re working on.

Since the Pro-Chopper only weighs 520 pounds, it’s easy to load by hand with its four handles but can also easily be loaded with a set of forks. The Pro-Chopper is shipped with 33-feet of hose, and the material will blow 10 to 15 feet past the end of the hose, allowing for easy and uniform coverage…even on steep embankments and other hard to reach areas. Some owners have even used 50 to 60 foot sections of hose with great success, as long as the hose is kept fairly straight.

The Pro Series Products Pro-Chopper will save you both time and money in site preparation time, and is the turn-key solution to your specific site project needs.

Pro-Chopper Specifications:

  • Weighs 520 Pounds (Shipping weight is 600 pounds)

  • Footprint is 31.5″ deep x 48″ wide x 54″ tall

  • Tub measures 27.5″ across the diameter, and 17″ between the internal flanges (flanges are what rotate the bale)

  • Comes with a 13 horsepower Honda engine

  • Only 15 minutes assembly time

  • Seeding Attachment available

  • 33′, 6″ diameter plastic, non-perforated field tile discharge hose

  • Heavy gauge metal construction

  • 32 replaceable cutter teeth

  • Electric start, low oil protection and 2-year warranty on the engine

  • Will chop a bale in less than one minute

  • 2 People can cover an acre of ground in 90 minutes

  • Uses 1/3 less straw than shaking by hand

  • Comes with an owner’s manual for both the Pro-Chopper and the engine

  • Comes with an instructional video that covers the operation, safety features, and maintenance procedures of the machine.

  • All replacement parts can be ordered from the factory

  • Pro-Choppers are in 47 states, Canada, and Australia

  • Pro-Choppers have been manufactured by Pro Series Products since 1986

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